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Rainbow Ricelings


After having seen this done in preschool classrooms and posted on blogs all over the internet I finally decided to give it a try after reading the post found on Pinterest over at Share and Remember . Please take a moment to pay her a visit...she has incredible ideas for keeping all those little ones in your life busy while having tons of fun at the same time. 

For our Rice mix I changed up her portions a bit but the concept remained the same. 
           You will need the following ingredients to get started:

1 Cup Rice ( I don't think it matters what kind so long as it is white. We used Basmati)
1TBSP Rubbing Alcohol (Drug Store/Dollar Store Brand works very well)
2-4 Drops of Food Colouring (You can get this in your local cake decorating isle in the grocery store)

Put the Rice in to a ziploc bag, add the rubbing alcohol and have your little helper add the drops of food colouring. Once everything is in place zip it up and shake (carefully I might add as one of our bags burst open and some ricelings escaped. Yes, I made that word up but doesn't it just bring a certain happiness to your coloured rice?). Now squish and wiggle until the rice is all fully coloured to your desired hue. Open the baggie and dump in to a bin...save some clean up and use the one your little one will be playing with it in. Now place somewhere out of the reach of little hands until the rice has dried. The smell of the rubbing alcohol can be intense but please know that it will dissipate once the rice has dried and it will not appear like you are trying to gas your children during play time. It is an option to leave the rubbing alcohol out of the mix but you will then need to find a way to dry the ricelings quickly to avoid a big sticky, gooey mess. If you come up with a way to succeed at that please post below or link back to your own blog as I would be interested that success.

        Ta - Da!  Look how beautiful it is...I almost didn't want to mix the colours up!

This sensory activity allows enjoyment in preparation and play. Giving you the opportunity for teaching about colours, colour mixing, counting and how to follow directions. My BabyBear loved helping MamaBear...she considers working with food colouring, mixing and  making new colours much-like being a mini Scientist...

Be a Kid and feel free to share what you learn below.

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