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Art that Pops...Literally!

Now who doesn't love the "POP!" sound that we hear when playing around with bubble wrap. My BabyBear loves walking on it, pressing it, rolling in it and wrapping her toys up in it. Who am I kidding ...you will catch me doing that with bubble wrap as well. So when I saw this link for Bubble Wrap Art on Pinterest I was psyched. When I clicked on it, the link too me to a great Australian Blog called : Learn with Play @ Home. Make sure to visit the other areas on her site as she is a wealth of fun ways to teach your child through play. Learning through play is the best way to teach a little one.

Ready to make your art POP?! ...you will need the following materials:

Bubble Wrap (you can find this for cheap at your local dollar store)
Paper (I forgot to put that in the picture but I am sure you have some lying around the house)
Imagination (if you don't have this I am sure you can find yourself a willing little one to share theirs)

With the Bubble side of the wrapper up use the highlighters to draw your picture on to the bubbles.

Once you have your picture just how you want it, place the bubble wrap, bubble side down onto the paper and press. You will hear some POP, POP, POPPING at this point, don't be afraid, just keep pressing down all over the areas that you drew on. After having gone over your whole drawing like this remove the bubble wrap and...Voila!!! 

Just as if you had stamped it with a stamp...

Be a Kid and Pop your way into some fresh art for your refrigerator. 
Feel Free to share some of your artwork below.

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