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Graffiti Art...Preschool Style!


I am not completely opposed to Graffiti Art...I know, I know...some of you out there are thinking WHAT!? How can you say that? It wrecks personal property...well that is where the "Not Completely" part comes in ...when the art is created well and not on the side of a private building it can be incredibly beautiful. I personally love seeing the art under bridges, on the sides of otherwise boring train cars, although even then it comes down to the level of skill in each artist. If the skill is not there then it ruins the whole idea for me.

Today's art project is a good way to encourage freedom in creativity on a large work space without encouraging rule breaking. You will need the following items to get started:

Homemade Chalk Spray! 
(Adapted from: 30 Handmade Days)

1/4 Cup of Hot Water
1/8 Cup Cornstarch (Again, gotta love the dollar store for this type of thing)
1/2 tsp Washable Tempura Paint (Found ours at the local dollar store)
Squirt of Dish Washing Liquid
1 Squirt Bottle (you will need one bottle for each colour you are wanting to create)
1 White Sheet
Clothes Pins
1 Little Helper to Help Mix

Add 1/8 Cup of Cornstarch to 1/4 Cup of Hot Water and the skill of your little helper to whisk them together and remove all the lumps.

Mix in 1/2tsp of Tempura Paint, a squirt of dish washing liquid and pour into your spray bottles...Shake Well!

Head outside and hang your white sheet up either on a clothes line, over a fence...we put ours on a piece of plexi glass JrBear uses for his hockey training here at home. Hand over the colours and watch your little ones go to town creating their Graffiti Masterpiece.

BabyBear hard at work.

Very Monetesque! 
(I heard the art instructor use this term on Saturday morning in my Shoe Customizing Course. 
I have adopted it for my own use now:D...Thanks Amy!)

If you find the colours to be too light, feel free to add in some more tempura paint..and shake it up until you get your desired colour level. You can also just spray this on the cement in your driveway or out on the side walk. I recommend hosing it away when your little one is finished so as not to risk having a permanent mark left behind. Hey! The hosing down is all part of the fun for little ones anyway.

On a side note...and I didn't get a good picture of this but we found that when BabyBear was finished with her artwork, her hair was covered in a white dust. So be aware that the cornstarch does flake all over the place when doing this project...so choose the space you do it in carefully and my advice for clean up? Turn the hose on them too :D

Go Be a Kid and legally Spray Paint your way into some Beautiful Outdoor Wall Art! Feel free to link back with ideas and pictures of your Spraying Good Time! 

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