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Green Tip Tuesday

Today I am going to share with you this handy little gardening in your kitchen secret...I am sure many of you out there have either heard of this or have been doing it yourself already but for those of you like me who are still learning these tricks today's tip is just for you. Growing Green Onions in a glass of warm water...I honestly cannot remember where I first heard this but I have tried it and yes it works...really well in fact.

The next time you buy green onions,  use them all the way down to the very top of the white stem part...

Take those elastic wrapped stems, place them in a small glass of warm, room temperature water and put them on a windowsill to get some light.

In a day or so you will start to notice some growth and soon enough you will have brand new green onions to garnish your dishes again and again.

I have only used this a couple of times myself so I am not sure how many times you can repeat this before you need to trade them in for some new stems. My thought is perhaps once they start to get that slimy look and feel to them...its into the compost and time to start fresh with a new bunch.

Have you tried this before? How long have they kept for you? Do you have any other ideas for growing herbs fresh in your kitchen? Please link up below with your thoughts and ideas. I would love to hear from you.

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