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It's Friday ...time for Passions!

Like most people, Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week. Even as a stay at home MamaBear, Friday signifies to me ...REST is near. With being a teacher to my kids, 5 days per week, plus the regular everyday routine our arrival on a Friday somehow makes us all breathe a little easier. For this reason I thought I would share on Friday's some of the things that I LOVE or LOVE doing.

One of my most favorite LOVES is definitely making beautiful artwork out of cake and fondant. I took a basic decorating class at the Michael's Craft store 4 years ago and from there it just blossomed all on its own. With the help of  YouTube tutorials and great websites like cakecentral.com I have managed to walk myself through many errors and successes. The best part to me when creating beautiful works of edible art is the reaction and look on people's faces when they receive them.

This is the butterfly/garden scene cake I created recently for my beautiful Niece's 2nd birthday. The top layer was chocolate with Creme De Menthe filling, the middle layer was Chocolate with a Vanilla Buttercream and the bottom layer was a Vanilla cake with a Raspberry Butter cream...DELICIOUS! Definitely received well by the birthday Bear!

The kids in our family have no idea what it means to eat store bought cake. They have always had custom designed cakes. I think it is very cute when they plan out and get excited over what kind of cake I am going to make for their next birthday. BORED? I don't think I will ever get bored with this art medium, as the creation possibilities are endless and there is always a new technique to try. 

Speaking of techniques, I will be posting in the very near future a video on how to make your own Marshmallow fondant. So Stay Tuned For That...for now please feel free to take a look at some more of my creations from past events. I will be updating this page with some cakes I have made in the last few months so please check back when you can.

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