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Strawberry Tip Tuesday!


It's berry season and for most of us that means ...Lots of washing and prepping fruit for the upcoming winter season. I don't know about you, but washing fruit is definitely not one of my favorite ways to pass the time. If I can find anything to make that chore go quicker and easier I will be there in a heartbeat. Today's tip is just that...it may be something you already know but just in case you didn't I thought I would save you some time by sharing...it is something that my GranBear taught me a long time ago...

How to hull a strawberry root and all...quickly and easily.

You will need:

A straw ( I use a McDonald's straw as they are sturdy and wide mouthed)
Strawberries ( as if you didn't already know this)

Hold the strawberry in one hand and the straw in the other. Line the straw up with the middle of the bottom of the strawberry and push upwards.

Keep pushing up until you have managed to push out the stem completely. I find that sometimes the straw will go off course and you miss some of the stem. Just pull the straw back down again and retry this time heading straight for the part that was missed.

There you have it...a SIMPLE, QUICK, CHEAP and EASY way to hull your strawberries. Ready for Freezing in no time.

BUT....If you are looking for a cheap way to keep your strawberries fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks...put them in a recycled Peanut Butter jar with the lid shut tight and in the refrigerator...works like a charm in keeping your berries fresh for longer...

Love You GranBear and thanks for the great tips today! 


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