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Time to Experiment!

Nothing like a messy science experiment to get the kids excited. The following activity is a regular occurrence  in our household. Babybear even has her evil scientist laugh down to a science, that she belts out every time she mixes the colours with the Baking Soda. It is too cute! I will have to film that next time and add it in for your enjoyment.

Today's mess requires:

Vinegar (no name brand works fine as you can see from my picture below)
Food Colouring
Small containers to hold your mixture ( I used our tart foils for this)
Syringe or Medicine Dropper ( bought this in the pharmacy section at Superstore)
Baking Soda (this can be bought cheap at the local dollar store)
Container to Hold your little ones mess

I have Babybear add 2 drops of colour to each of the foil containers. Sometimes we try mixing colours together and use it as a lesson on what 2 colours it takes to make certain new colours.

I LOVE those Teachable Moments !!!

Once she is happy with her colour choices I add in the vinegar, filling the containers about 3/4 of the way full.  At this point, pour your baking soda into the experiment container...lay your set up on the table or their highchair tray and have fun.

Using the dropper or syringe they take turns sucking up different colours and dropping it out on to the baking soda. Get ready for some squeals and giggles as your little ones are mesmerized by the fizzing and bubbling sure to occur. I find that most days when we do this Babybear has me refill the colours and Baking Soda more than once. We have even built the baking soda up in a pile to look like a volcano and she pretends that the Volcano Sisters from Backyardigans live there...watching the vinegar bubble and up, out and down the sides of her volcano. So much Fun!!!

Go Be a Kid and Bubble and Fizz! your way into some Science Experiments! Feel free to link back with ideas and pictures of your Fizzing Good Time! 


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