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AbraCaDabRa!!! You Must Say the Magic Words....


Looking for some magic in your life? Well, although this is not going to bring you any great revelations you will be just as AMAZED by this energy, strength and time saving cleaning tip. I have known for a LONG time the incredible cleaning skills of Vinegar but I first saw this amazing Vinegar concoction I am going to share with you on Life, Crafts and Whatever. You will want to stop by and thank Jen for this amazing tip after you give it a try...TRUST ME!

For today's Scum Killing Adventure you will need:

1 scummy surface...(like my stand alone shower that the Boy Bears in my house use)
Vinegar (no name or store brand works just fine)
Blue Dawn Dish Detergent
1 Small Spray Bottle (Can be found at your local dollar store for a $1.25)

Jen calls for 1 cup of both ingredients but I started with only a 1/4 Cup. Mostly because my spray bottle was so small but I quickly found out that 1/4 cup goes very far. It did our shower from top to bottom with no effort or refill at all.

Take 1/4 Cup of vinegar and heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Once it is warm take it out and pour it into your spray bottle, adding in a 1/4 Cup of the Blue Dawn dish soap...shake gently to mix but not enough to create too much foam.

(My apologies for the low grade pictures but someone who will not be named forgot to charge her camera battery last night...Ooops! So I had to resort to my Iphone 4 camera abilities)

Shower Door before Spray..I used the Dora Seat to show you how scummy it looks.

1 Corner of the shower...YUCK! Had to let it get this bad just for you :D

At this point you can bring in the help of your little adventurer and have them spray to their hearts content whatever it is that you are trying to get clean.

Soapy Shower Door...see how it sticks and doesn't just drip down?
Leave the spray to sit on your scum for as long as you like but I found I was able to wipe the scum off completely within 10-15 minutes of waiting.

Clean Shower Door...only water marks showing now :D

Clean Corner
Has your jaw hit the floor like mine did? I was sooo impressed by this I actually did a happy dance. No more scrubbing tirelessly at the walls and shower door in the boys bathroom. No more fighting to get the boys to at least wipe down the walls and door after every shower...

NO MORE SCUM!!!! (insert Happy Dance again).

What are you waiting for? I know you have some scum somewhere to eliminate...and to think you can do it for less than those expensive, chemical filled treatments that don't work anyways...

GO ahead, give it a try and Please, Please, Please share a Happy Dance with me...I'll post mine if you post yours!


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