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After Eight

Not sure if you all know what After Eight is...but here in Canada it is a mint filling covered in milk chocolate...sooo GOOOD! When I was diagnosed at 17 with Crohn's disease it meant that I had to give up all things with caffeine and that included my beloved chocolate. For this reason I have been working a while to learn how to make some of the store bought recipes here in my own home using white candy melts. Although it doesn't give me the same satisfaction that good ol' milk chocolate does, it helps to curve some of those cravings. Today I am going to share with you my latest creation...

Homemade After Eights...you will need the following to create some of your own:


Milk or White Chocolate Candy Melts
Muffin Cups (I used small but you can make them in any size you like)
Double Boiler ( I just use a pot of water with a heat proof bowl on top to heat my chocolate)


1/4 Cup Clear Corn Syrup
1/8 Cup Room Temperature Butter
1.5 Cups Icing Sugar
1/2 Tsp Vanilla (Clear is best as if you want the filling to remain white)
Creme De Menthe Flavoring (Flavor to your taste with this...a little goes a LONG way)

Start off by getting your double boiler set up ...boil the water and fill your bowl with the chocolate of choice. Make sure when you are melting your chocolate that you do not get any water in it as that will cause it to seize up and that is never a good thing. While your chocolate is melting take out your cupcake liners and place them on a cookie sheet or cutting board...just make sure it is something that will fit into your freezer or fridge as you will need to place them in there for chocolate set up. Once your chocolate is all melted, take a spoon and line each cup with a thin layer of chocolate...making sure to get some chocolate up the sides in order to create a small bowl.

When you have the amount of cups you are wanting to create, place your board or cookie sheet full into the fridge or freezer for quicker chocolate set up.

Now let's make the filling....

You can do the mixing with your electric mixer or work like I did (too lazy to dirty it up) use a fork and your own strength to cream together the corn syrup, butter, vanilla. Once they are well mixed you will need to sift in your icing sugar and mix well.

This is the point where I add in the Creme De Menthe flavor because I feel the taste will be deceiving before all the ingredients are put together.

 Trust me you don't want too much Creme De Menthe...a VERY LITTLE goes a LONG way :D Add in your Creme flavor to taste and you are ready to fill your chocolate cups.

I do not have a set amount of filling that I put in to each cup, just know that I put in enough to almost fill them right up. Once you have all your cups filled to your satisfaction, it is time to top each one off with a final helping of chocolate so that you get an incredibly delicious pocket of Chocolatey, Minty Goodness.

Place them in the fridge or freezer for a final set up and....


You can use this same recipe, minus the Creme De Menthe...split the filling and colour half of it yellow to create Cadbury Cream Eggs for Easter year round. You can find further detailed instruction on this idea here.

Thank you for your patience today...Now I am back to covering my cakes...see you tomorrow~

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