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Cold Tip Tuesday

The past few days here in my hometown have been UNBELIEVABLY HOT, HOT, HOT...up in the 30's each day. I know for some of you that is nothing and you will probably be thinking "Stop Being Such a Baby". Normally I would be saying the same but try working with Cream Cheese Buttercream, homemade Red Velvet Cake and marshmallow fondant in melting weather...nothing worse than being HOT with sticky sugar as your best friend. I was planning on filming the making of my marshmallow fondant to share with you here but I decided against it as you don't want to see a HOT, FRUSTRATED, STICKY MESS in action. As a result I decided to finally put to good use the Popsicle Mold I bought last spring and really didn't get to use as Summer 2011 never really transpired.

For this recipe all you need is:

Fruit ...We used Strawberries but any type of fruit you like or have on hand will do.
Juice ...We used Lemonade but again any type of fruit Juice will work as well.
Popsicle Mold

Wash and cut up your fruit. In my case I washed the strawberries and sliced them top to bottom. Place your fruit inside the Popsicle mold, filling it to your likeness. Feel free to mix and match your fruit at this time as well. I think that some sort of fruit salad in a Popsicle would taste incredible. I am going to give that a go next time around, adding some new photos to this post when I do.

Now pour in your juice right up to the top of the mold. Last of course add in the Popsicle stick and you are ready to Freeze those delicious, fruity pieces of heaven. I put mine in the freezer for about 4 hours and this is what we found:  

Every bit as DELICIOUS as it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Have you put fruit in your Popsicle before? How did it turn out? Do you have any ideas or recipes to share...please post them below as I would love to hear from you. Now I am off to finish up for the Bridal Shower and work on PapaBears Cake as it is his birthday tomorrow.

Have a Great Day!

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