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I Love You Because...

We all need to be reminded about how much we are loved and appreciated by those around us on a regular basis. Although I cannot remember where I first saw this done I do know that it was found during one of my Pinterest hunts.(I found where I first saw this idea...it was emailed to me by How Does She....incredible site so please pay them a visit.)

It is a super easy creation that will help you show your LOVE over and over again for many years to come.

You will need the following to create your LOVE statement:

Frame (can be any size or colour and is found easily for $1.25 or less at your local dollar store)
Card Stock in any colour (for mine I chose Red for my letters since it was about LOVE)
White Paper ( I used Card Stock but any thicker white paper will do) 
Glue Stick ( I find this easier to work with when using paper as it doesn't soak through and warp the page)
Felt Pen (the colour should match the frames colour)
Erasable Marker
Exacto Knife or Die Cutting Machine (or you can buy pre-cut letters at your local Craft Store)

You will need to remove the packaging from your frame, take off the back and carefully pull out the sheet of glass. Taking your white paper, lay down the glass sheet on top and trace around the outer edge with your pencil.

Now you will need to cut out that shape, making sure to follow the line that you traced just on the inside. If you cut it out along the outside the shape will end up being a bit bigger than the frame you need to place it inside of.

Once you have your white paper cut to size you will need to either draw your own letters and cut them out with an exacto knife or have your die cut machine like my Cricut Expression cut the following words out for you...


Make sure before purchasing or cutting your letters out, that you measure your frame and create your letters the size you need to avoid frustration of wasted money or time. Before gluing, lay your letters down on the white paper and hold your frame over top to make sure that none of the letters are being covered by the frame walls. If they are, now is the time to adjust them so that they are just right. 

Once you are all set, add some glue to the back of each letter and  attach them in place on your white paper. Below  the I LOVE YOU statement you will take your marker of choice and hand write the following: 


At this point you can feel free to do what I did and add in some decoration...I kept it simple, following the LOVE theme and added only a heart but this is your creation so do what makes you and the receiver happy.

Once everything is set and in place take the sheet of glass and place it back inside the frame, followed by your white paper creation and finally the backing. 

TA! DA! 

Now you are ready to add in your reason for LOVING someone.

With the erasable marker you can change up the reason on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is all up to you. I have only made one of these so far but I plan on making one for each Bear in my family so that I can remind them constantly about why I LOVE them.

Now Go Share Some LOVE ...and let the people closest to you know how important they are in your life.  Share some of that LOVE with us and link back with pictures of your creations. We NEED LOVE TOO!


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