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I'm Back Baby and I Brought Beef Dip!!!

We made it safely home yesterday morning from Chicago without too much mishap ...only one bag was delayed, but for a $100 West Jet credit I am not going to complain (...anymore). I am happy to be back writing and although I had good intentions of doing so while I was away, I found it difficult to keep it up among all the comings and goings of our trip. No worries though, I am back home and once again full of inspiration to pass along to you.

Today's deliciousness is a LONG time family tradition around here. It is something that my mom use to make for us a kids. I have taken her beginnings and added so much more to make it what it is on my family dinner table today...


You will need the following items to prepare your very own:

French Bread (I will be posting a homemade recipe for you to try but for now cheat as I did and buy it)
1 Medium Onion
Havarti Cheese Slices
Caesar Salad Dressing (this is optional as it tastes just as good without it)
Gravy (Homemade or 2 packets of Club House like I use)
Butter or EVOO
Garlic powder or Spread
Shaved Roast Beef (I buy the Angus style from our local deli but any type will do, even fresh home cooked)
Ramekins (for placing the gravy dip in on each plate...they can be found at the dollar store usually 3 for $1.25)
Salad or Raw Veggies on the side

Start off your creation with washing and slicing your mushrooms and placing them in a hot frying pan doused with butter or EVOO, making sure to stir them frequently. While they are warming up chop your onion into teenie, tiny cubes (Now going on the to do list creating a video on how to cut an onion quickly and easily with perfection every time...coming soon!) Lastly, chop up your garlic...I use a lot as we like the garlic flavour so chop up cloves to your taste. Place them both in the pan with the mushrooms, adding a little more butter or Olive Oil if you prefer to keep them moist...give them a good stir and check them often as we move onto the other preparations.

Taking your French bread, slice it down the middle lengthwise and top both halves with butter and your garlic powder. I use the Club House Garlic Plus because it has all the flavor you need in one bottle and saves me time in having to find and use other seasonings.

Once your bread is as buttery and garlicky as you like it to be, place it on a cookie sheet and put it under broil in your oven, making sure to watch it closely so you that you don't burn it. You only want to golden the top and nothing more. Have you stirred your mushroom mix recently? If not this is the time to do so, they should be very close to if not already done. Once you have your bread out and your mushroom mix complete it is time to start building your sandwich.

(Side Note: Make sure to leave your oven on Broil as we will need it again here in a minute)

Start with placing your Roast Beef on one side of your toasted bread. Don't be shy...pile it high...sorry I didn't take a picture of this part but I will update this post next time I make these for my Bears. After the meat has been placed down, top it with your deliciously brown mushroom mix...doesn't it smell good? Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. If you are using the Caesar dressing, this is the time to lay that down too.

 Now for the final ingredient before we hit the oven...CHEESE, CHEESE GLORIOUS CHEESE...can you tell I love CHEESE?!! Cover the whole mushroom mix with Havarti cheese and place the entire thing in the oven under broil, just long enough to melt it all together.

Once everything is all melted together you are ready to cut your sandwich into 1.5 inch slices and plate with your gravy dip. If using the Toll House Gravy like I do then it is as simple as following the recipe on the back of the package while the sandwich was melting in the oven...and if you are using homemade I would assume you just need to heat through some frozen leftovers.

Nothing left to do now but enjoy....

So GOOD!!!!

Be Brave and Try Something New Today...Sandwich Dippers are always a hit and so easy to make. Leave your thoughts below and please don't be shy if you have improvements to share. I am always looking for the latest, greatest thing to try.


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