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Magic Milk

Magic Milk or as BabyBear would say...Magic Colour Changing Milk! Who doesn't love magic and if you have little ones it is all that much more important to bring some magic into your home. Today's project will do just that. I came across this on Pinterest and after visiting this Science website I have a wealth of activities to try with my Bears...stay tuned for the outcomes.

But for today we will show the magic that happens when you play with simple everyday items found in your very own home.

Milk (We used our 1%)
Food Colouring
Dish Soap (we found our Blue Dawn worked well but I am sure another type would be just fine)
Medium - Large Container or Lid
Q-tips (Not sure what they are called in other places of the world but we use them to clean our ears)

NOTE: If you use a lid like we did make sure to place a plate underneath it for easy removal when you are done making magic. Otherwise you will end up with your milk all over the floor as we did.

Pour the milk into your container ...about 1/4 inch in depth. Place 1 drop of each colour in the middle of the milk surface. I was going to tell you to lay them all close together but after watching BabyBear go her own route and how it worked out regardless, I really can't say that anymore.

Once you have your colours how you want them take a Q-tip and dip it in some of your dish soap. Placing the Q-tip into the middle of the milky colours watch the magic happen.

Beautiful...Incredible...Amazing! are all terms that came to my mind when we tried this. BabyBear and I decided that it looked much like her Tie-Dye shirt that she made at dance camp a couple of weeks ago.

Although we have not tried it with any other type of milk yet; I do plan to try buttermilk after watching Steve in this clip just a few minutes ago. It looks like the milk is crystallizing. I will post an update on our results once we give that experiment a go.

 For now enjoy the video of BabyBear doing her MAGIC! Please ignore my OCD kicking in and trying to make her conform...I soon learned that her way of doing this worked very well :D ..even though the memory on my camera ran out and we didn't get it on film (a good thing to check before filming...do you have enough memory?).

I love how she clears her throat when she is about to put the soap in. She has just started doing that right before performing something for us...too CUTE! In case you are wondering what that cardboard structure is in the background...it is her marble chute that I created out of a box and recycled wrapping tubes. I will be making a tutorial on how to do that very soon as it is a HUGE favorite at our house.

There is a science behind why this Smilky (soapy-milk) experiment does what it does...for this time around we just enjoyed the magic but you could use this in your home-school setting to teach how the soap molecules work to attract the fact molecules in the milk. This experiment makes for some FUN science.

Go Be a Kid and create some magic right in your own kitchen! Feel free to link back with pictures, comments or videos of your Smilky Good Time! 


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