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Messy is Best

After having been away for the last 10 days I think BabyBear has gone into a little bit of an arts and craft withdrawal. She came up to me yesterday morning and said, "Mommy I want to do art today!" When I asked her what kind of art she wanted to do she was very admadent that she wanted to PAINT...my response,

 "So we are getting messy today?...YES!

Tools Required:

When it came time to paint all BabyBear wanted to paint with was her own 2 hands ...here are our results...

BabyBears Pastel Creation

Fall Colours

Hands on...The best way to create.

High five anyone?

Of course MamaBear could not just sit back and watch. I had to get involved too...unfortunately there are not any pictures of my hands but here is a taste of my work...

This is how we laid the paint down on the paper.

My style is one finger at a time...I love how the paint feels and I love how the lower colors come up through the top colours. Reminds me of those black scratch boards where you scratch a picture into the board and as you scratch colour shows through.

Good Choice BabyBear...I needed that free hand art too!

Now Go Be a Kid ....and Finger or hand Paint your way into some MESSY IS BEST new art creations! Feel free to link back with pictures of your Colorful Good Time! We are dying to hear from our readers.


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