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Shaving Cream and Rolling Pins, Oh My!

Yesterday was cousin day...despite some of the outbursts which are always guaranteed when my passionate BabyBear is around we all had a nice long, overdue visit. I'd like to say that the real fun began when the paint came out but CousinBears were not so keen on getting as messy as I am use to with BabyBear...oh well it was still a lot of fun. I mean who can't have fun, even clean fun with rolling pins and shaving cream?

Today's activity will require:

Tempura Paint (Good, Cheap Washable Dollar Store Paint works just fine)
Rolling Pins (or Pool Noodle from the Dollar Store)
Bubble Wrap, String, Ribbons, Fabric, Twine, Elastics (anything you can wrap for texture)
Shaving Cream (Get this for $1.25 at the Dollar Store)
Paint or Sponge Brushes (Comes in a pack of 5 I think from the Dollar Store)
Food Colouring or Water Colours

A few days ago when searching the vast expanse of Pinterest I came across the idea of using rolling pins to paint. The concept is to take a rolling pin and wrap something around it for texture, dip it in paint and roll it on your paper...LOVE IT! So, off to the dollar store I went to try and find myself some cheap rolling pins...No Luck! I was disappointed and on my way to the cashier with my shaving cream when I saw this:

Not sure what you call them where you live but here we call them Pool Noodles...I got to thinking...this would be very easy to cut up, it is in the shape that I am needing...why not? For $2.12 I managed to walk away with 7 rolling pins by cutting the blue pool noodle into pieces. We were set...

First thing we attempted yesterday was the incredible fun of shaving cream painting...

the kids started with putting their cream on a lid and adding colour,

which they then transferred to their paper with fingers and paint brushes.

I actually LOVED how the Cream looked with the colours on the lids almost more than the painted pictures themselves

So we had the kids just put the shaving cream straight onto their papers...

The Result? Incredibly poofy art covered in colour. At this point I tried to convince BabyBear to use the tail end of a paintbrush to mix the colours around in the shaving cream but she wouldn't have any of that. She was insistent that her puffy art was a pile of electric eels that would spray their gunk all over you if you came too close...gotta love her imagination...it is always running wild and is so very entertaining.

 For this reason I had to get in there and make a puffy picture of my own just so I could drag colour through it with a paintbrush.

The kid in me always manages to come out somewhere. In fact I truly think I only use my Bears as excuses to do all these fun kid activities.

Once the kids seemed to be slowing down with the Shaving Cream Art I pulled out the rolling pins...we had some wrapped in bubble wrap, elastics, twine and fabric pieces. I laid out 4 different colours of paint on a rectangular lid for each Cousin and BabyBear...

 Each roll made a different picture effect on the paper after being rolled in the paint. The other cool aspect to the bubble wrap of course was if you pressed while rolling you could hear the POP! of the bubbles as they laid down the paint.

Thank you AuntieBear for the fingers in the holes for rolling idea...works especially well for kids that don't like the messy feeling of paint on their hands.

CousinBear liked how his rolled designs were looking like tire tracks...Tire Tracks? Hmmm...Well that got me to thinking and I couldn't resist pulling out some cars to drive in the paint and across their pages...

Textured Art!

By the end we had shaving cream, paint, rolling pins, food colouring and cars all over the table and some very happy, messy children...who am I kidding...there were also some very happy, messy adults too. We ended creation time with a bin of water for driving the cars into and washing off their paint...it was a BLAST!

Go Be a Kid and Pop, Roll, Paint, Shave and Drive your way into some new creations! Feel free to link back with pictures of your Messy Good Time! 

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