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Who Doesn't Want to Play in The Clouds?


BabyBear is always talking about how she would love to play in the clouds. Her imagination brings out wild tales of living, bouncing and creating high up in the white, fluffy clouds with all her family and friends. When I received the idea I am about to share with you in my email I knew it would be right up her ally...

Soap Clouds
Originally Found on Our Best Bites

1 Bar of Ivory Soap (3 bars for $1.25 at your local dollar store)
Parchment paper
1 Extremely Eager Participant

Take a piece of parchment paper and lay it down on the inside of your clean microwave...if you are anything like me you will have to wash it out now before you start.

SIDE NOTE: Quick tip for easy Microwave cleaning...put 3/4 water and  1/4 vinegar in to a spray bottle...spray all over the inside of your microwave and its door...leave it sit for 10minutes...come back with a warm wash cloth and wipe it all out...VOILA!! ALL CLEAN...so easy!

Now back to our creation...put the unwrapped bar of Ivory soap (not sure how other types of soap will work. If you try it out please post results below as I would love to hear about it) down in the middle of the microwave...

close the door and turn it on for 3minutes. Our microwave is very powerful and we used up all 3 minutes to get all the soap into a beautiful cloud state. I recommend watching it as all microwaves are different and yours may require less or more time.

Here is a short video clip of our Cloud Making Experience...

DING! Time is up....Carefully remove your cloud from the microwave as it may be a little on the warm side and place it in a bowl with high sides. The reason I say high is because you will find once your little charge starts to handle it the soap particles break up and float all over the place. We found that the more BabyBear used it the more flakes we got...be prepared for a very in your nose soapy smell just from what is floating in the air as it breaks apart quite easily once it has been heated up. 

It is so beautiful...

especially when you do things like this:

  Its Snowing Mama!

On the Our Best Bites tutorial they suggested adding water and colour to the mix and create mini soaps for your children's use. We added the colour and water...BabyBear played with it a bit more but that is as far as we took it this time around as she had, had enough by then.

Time for a wash up ...so easy as the mess is a SOAPY one...couldn't ask for better.

Go Be a Kid and do what you have always dreamed and play in some fluffy clouds! Feel free to link back with pictures or comments of your Soapy Good Time! 


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