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A Jellyfish Makes a Nice Hat...

After perusing the world of Pinterest I have come to notice that some of the most popular pins are related to Ocean Crafts for Preschoolers. I have done a few with BabyBear this past year but have not posted them. For this reason I decided to give the Scrapbooks Etc Jellyfish craft with my own twist a go with her yesterday...and guess what she loved it...

For today's craft you will need the following items:

Styrofoam bowls (You can find these for cheap at your local dollar store)
Coffee Filters (These are also a cheap dollar store find)
Felts or Crayons
Glue Stick
White Glue
Ribbons (These can be strips of paper, Gift Wrap Ribbon or Fabric Ribbon all of which can be found at the dollar store)
Googly Eyes or feel free to make some out of paper (Googly's are found in the Craft Section of the Dollar Store)

To begin you take one of the coffee filters and after pressing it flat add some color and decor to it with your felts or crayons. Feel free to just color wildly, create patterns and or designs....even take it a step further and glue on some glitter or sticking on some stickers.

Once you have colored your jellyfish body, flip over a Styrofoam bowl (so that the bottom is exposed) and cover it completely in glue from your glue stick, making sure to cover all the way down to the very edges of the bowl.

Taking your colorful coffee filter, place it on top of the bottom of the bowl and press it down. Do not be worried if your filter folds over anywhere and doesn't lay smooth, as it all adds to the charm of your jellyfish.

Now that you have your body section complete, it is time to cut up some ribbon pieces. The length of the ribbon is all up to you. It depends on how long you want the tentacles to hang down from your fish.  Once your ribbon is all cut and ready, you will need to cover just the top circle of another bowl with the same glue stick and place your ribbon ends on top, making sure to spread them out, all around the bowl. I placed my tentacles by the end; making them very long but BabyBear went her own route, which I decided I liked more and placed her ribbons by the middle with each end hanging down on opposite sides...creating a more bouncy tentacle look.

With your jellyfish body and tentacles complete it is time to put them together. Take your colorful body and flip it upside right, using your white glue cover the inside of the bowl completely, making sure to get all the inner edges coated.

Now flipping back upside down you will need to place it right on top of the tentacle bowl and press down, sealing them together. Time for some googly eyes to added and if you are wanting to hang your jellyfish now is the time to thread your needle and push it through the middle of the bowl...remember to tie a knot in the bottom so that is doesn't pull all the way through and your DONE!!!

Jellyfish also make a very nice accessory to your outfit....

Now Go Be a Kid...and wiggle your way into a new creation. Photos and link back to your results are always welcome...it's lonely hear with no one to converse with so please don't be shy :D

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