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Baking Soda, Vinegar and Balloons Oh My!

I am sure you remember when I introduced you to the fun to be had with vinegar, food coloring and baking soda, if not you can find that post here. Thanks to the blog Mom to Posh Lil Diva's, today we are going to take that same concept and add in balloons for some popping good fun.

You will need the following to create your own:

Vinegar (I buy the no name brand from Superstore and it works just fine)
Baking Soda ( the local dollar store sells these for cheap now)
Bottle (We used the squeeze bottles found at the dollar store)
Balloons (Regular size ...and yes they can be found at a local dollar store...are you seeing a pattern yet?)
Funnel (or if you are like me and don't have one you can use a wide mouth straw and a zip loc bag)
Spoon (The smaller the spoon surface the better)
Permanent Felt Pen (this is only necessary if you want to draw a face on the balloon)

Fill your bottle 1/3 of the way with vinegar and set aside.
Now if you have a funnel this part is quite quick and easy, if you don't you will need to follow this next set of instructions first. Take your small zip-loc bag and snip the very corner off. Slip your wide mouth straw (or as we call them Bubble Tea straw) into your zip-loc bag and out the now open corner. Make sure to leave just enough inside the bag and insert the bottom portion into the balloon.

You will find that once you start scooping the baking soda in to the straw that some of it will fall out into the bag which can then later be easily poured back into the box. Fill your balloon half full of the baking soda.
Once you have that completed you will need to grab your vinegar filled bottle and carefully stretch the open end of the balloon over the open end of the bottle, placing the neck opening in the balloon as close to the center as possible...make sure not to pour any of the baking soda in to the bottle at this point or you will set off the fun too soon.

Once you have your balloon on top of the bottle it should look like this:

While holding the bottom of the bottle steady carefully lift up the balloon and dump the baking soda in to the vinegar... and watch the magic begin. Feel free to laugh hysterically as we did when we thought the balloon was going to explode...so much FUN!

You definitely get a kick out of BabyBears excitement in this video...we had a BLAST doing this together...BUT Please excuse my creeper sounding....HHHHUUUuuuuu....not really sure where that came from apprently I am related to Patrick from SpongeBob :S 

If you children are young like mine when doing this just enjoy the excitement of the process...but if you have older ones like I also do you can feel free to throw in the science lesson Bases and Acids and how their mixture creates a chemical reaction.

BUT most of all...

Just Go Be a Kid...and blow up some Scientific balloons today! We want to see your family antics so please post your video links or comments below.

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