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Boo-Boo Tip Tuesday!

We all know the old trick of using a bag of frozen peas to soothe a bump, a scrape or torn ligament and yet because of that we also know that eventually they will not be good enough for eating due to all the unthawing and refreezing over and over again.

There is always the option to grab a towel or zip-loc filled with ice but then comes the fun of feeling the cold melt all over you as the disappearing ice runs down your leg, arm or face.

The final choice is to pay out of pocket and purchase those ready made ice packs that melt too fast in my opinion but at least you can refreeze them multiple times.... OR you can always pay out for the ones that last much longer than all the above once they are cracked but have a one time use limit only tag.

Since I have such a tough time with waste I am always looking for the next upcycle or ways to use what we already have time and time again. I believe that I have found the answer to all our problems when it comes to ice packs...Recently, I found on Pinterest a way to create not only a healthy option but a money saving option that will not melt all over your floor and can be refrozen and used time and time again...not to mention it stays cold longer like the last monetary option I listed above.

Today's Medical help requires the following:

Blue Dawn ( I do not know if other dish soaps or colours will work so if you try it with success please let me know in the comment section below)
Cup Rubbing Alcohol (You can find this for very cheap at the dollar store)
Heavy Duty Freezer Zip Loc Bags (Med-Large)
Heavy Duty Freezer Zip Loc Bags (Med-Small)

The measurements for this ice pack will all depend on how big you need it to be. All you need to remember is that for every 1 of the dish soap you will need 1/2 of that measurement in Rubbing Alcohol. Fill your Med/Small Zip Loc bag with the dish soap and Rubbing Alcohol...zip up the top, making sure to get all the air out of the bag. Then place that smaller bag into a larger bag and again remove all the air as you zip it shut. This second bag is help ensure that you will not get soap all over the place if you should nick your zip loc and make a hole in it. Toss them into your freezer and wait for the magic to begin. I do not have a set time that it will take to freeze as the size is a factor and I put mine in the freezer as I went to bed so I really don't know even for my 1/4 cup of Dish soap trial size.

 All I can tell you is this WORKS...and it works well. It feels just like the store bought ice packs that you have to crack.

It molds to your body parts and stays cold for a LONG time. BabyBear is going to LOVE this next time she gets hurt...I have read online that you can use any type of dish soap to create this so I am going to try it with some purple dish soap as that is her favorite colour and she will only be too happy to use it on her next Boo Boo. I will update here what we find out...then you will know for sure if only the Blue Magical Dawn works or if you are free to go down any soapy path you like.

GO AHEAD, GIVE IT A TRY ....and be ready for that next Boo Boo! 

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