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Cardboard Tubes Add Up to Hours of Fun

I remember as a child pulling out the marbles and setting up tracks for them to roll down on. Nowadays you can buy these tracks but if you want anything quality made you will find yourself paying through the nose...at least that is my experience around here where I live. There were many times I almost bought one of those tracks just because I knew how much use BabyBear would get out of it but each time I stopped due to the price tag. I started thinking outside of the box about ways we could have the same marble fun but using things we had around our house. The first idea we attempted and she loved was taking a wrapping paper tube and slicing it in half from top to bottom...

Then placing it in between our couch cushions allowing the other end to land on the edge of a container on the floor. Taking another tube we would stand that up in between the couch cushions, lining it up with the cut tube so that when she placed her marbles in there they would drop down and slide all the way to the container we set up for catching them.

This produced hours of fun for her and we stopped at this activity for quite some time. As time went on I found that we got bored with this style so I started doing some research in DIY marble tracks. I came up the idea that I am going to share with you today...

Supplies you will need are:

Med-Large Box
Paper Tubes
Packing Tape

Container to catch your Marbles in

Taking the large box you will start by removing all of the flaps on one side and taping shut all the flaps on the opposite side. Once you have all of the flaps removed you need to take your exacto knife and cut a small square or circle on the part of the box that you plan to be used as the top.

This will be where the marbles are going to enter the track from. With your box all set up you will now turn your attention to the paper tubes. I used a combination of paper towel and wrapping paper tubes but you could also you toilet paper tubes if you like. You will just need to use a lot more of them to fill the space.

With a pair of scissors cut your tubes end to end, trying to get them as close to even as possible. Once you have enough tubes cut to cover the surface of your box you will begin taping them in a fashion that allows the marbles to roll down, land in another tube and continue downwards until you reach your marble catcher at the bottom.

Continue with this pattern until you reach an inch and a half above the floor level...leaving enough space for a container to slide in for catching the marbles and you are set. Don't be shy with the tape as your little ones will be putting this track to good use and you want the cut tubes to remain in place for a LONG time.

Now Go Be Kid .... and share some Old School Play with your little ones. What are your upcycle ideas for creative play? Leave them in the comment section below...we are longing to hear your voice :D

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