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Cookie Dough Truffles

I have been seeing these cookie dough truffles around the Internet a lot lately. They all look so delicious and make my mouth water just reading through the recipe. I finally decided to give one write up a try from my favorite girls at Our Best Bites the other night. Although these turned out pretty good, I felt that they weren't living up to the "Cookie Dough" standard enough for me (my family LOVES them). I plan to use this recipe next time and just omit the eggs and see what happens. More to come on that adventure in the very near future, so stay tuned for that.

For today's tasty morsels you will need the following ingredients to get started:

1/2 Cup Butter
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
2.5 Cups White Flour
1 14oz (355ml) Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
Chocolate Chips ( I just cut up my chocolate disks instead as I had that on hand)
Chocolate Disks for melting
Vegetable Oil (or Coconut Oil if you can find it...which I have yet to be able to do)

Start by creaming your butter and brown sugar together in a bowl. Once they are well incorporated in to one another you need to add in your flour and can of condensed milk. Mix all the ingredients until smooth and toss in your chocolate chips. Or like me divide your dough in half and mix chocolate chips in one and butterscotch chips in the other. You will see me do things like this only because I cannot eat chocolate or any sort of caffeine thanks to my Crohn's disease diagnosis 18 years ago. Once your dough is thoroughly mixed and your chips have found their way into the bowl you will need to chill your dough in the fridge for 1 hour. (please ignore the fact that my photos show I forgot to put in the chips before refrigerating my dough and had to do it after the fact...oops!)

After your hour has passed remove the dough and begin to roll it out in to tiny little balls. If you have a mini 1.5 inch cookie scoop please use that...although it is not necessary for the job. I just used my teaspoon to measure rough amounts of dough to roll. Roll, and roll and roll some more as this recipe does make a lot and place them on a parchment covered cookie sheet. Once you are all rolled out you will need to place your little balls of goodness into the freezer for their 1 hour frozen set up.

In the last few minutes while your cookie dough is still freezing up...you can set up your double boiler and start to melt your chocolate for coating them. I did not measure my chocolate or my oil...what I can tell you is that I only add a teaspoon of oil to the chocolate at a time to try and get it to the right consistency for covering.

My recommendation is for you to take your dough out of the freezer only a few at a time...I found that they started to soften too quickly while awaiting their turn in the chocolate bath. Place them one by one into the chocolate...moving it around with your utensil of choice until full covered. Then poke the little guy with a toothpick to remove him from the bowl and place on a parchment paper covered tray for easy transport into the fridge for a a final set up.

The fridge set up does not take very long...in fact I found that many of the chocolate balls were already set up while sitting on my counter top. After having covered them all in chocolaty goodness I placed them all in the fridge for keeping fresh. They are not lasting long around here ...that is always my sign that I created something good! CORRECTION...they DID NOT last long around here. I realized in writing this that I did not get a picture of the finished product...went to take one now and all that are left are these white ones...

WOW! Apparently, my Bears liked them better than I realized.

Be Brave and try something new today...if you happen to have a better technique for getting them out of the chocolate easier and looking nicer than mine did in the end please I am begging you to share it with me. I learned through all this I really don't like coating things in chocolate, so all advice is welcomed.

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