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Let's Get Our Week Started Right....Party Time!

Everyone LOVES a party...but sometimes we just want that party feel without the actual event just because. Despite not feeling 100% well this past weekend I got the Jello Shooter bug. Not sure if the mention of a fun get together I was missing out on took me there but making Jello Shooters by the Tipsy Bartender was the end result...

Although I used the Strawberry Banana Recipe for mine...if you are looking for something that is a little more solid you will need to follow the ingredients for his Orange Slice Shots...

For my shots you will need the following ingredients:

1 Cup of Boiling Hot Water
1/2 Package of Jello in any flavour ( I used a Tropical one and a Blue Raspberry one)
 3/4-1 Cup of Alcohol (I used Vodka in one flavour and Tropical Malibu in the other)
12 Mini Cups
Heat Proof Bowl (I used my large glass measuring cup)

Start the party by boiling a kettle of water. (I boiled my kettle once with enough water for making 2 different flavors of shots) While you are waiting for the water to reach temperature you will need to get out your heat proof bowl and pour in half of the package of Jello.(If you are making a lot of shots for a BIG party you will need to double, triple, quadruple the recipe at this point...who says you need a BIG party to do this...ssshhhh no one is looking :D )

Now pour in your 1 Cup of boiled water and stir until all of the mix has completely dissolved. Set this HOT mix aside to cool down to, almost room temperature. If you pour the alcohol in now when the water is still very hot you will kill the alcohol content and defeat the purpose of its use.

While your Jello is cooling off, take a small cookie sheet or any tray that can fit inside your fridge and line up your 12 mini cups ready for their shots.

By this time you can do a quick heat check of your mixture, if it is cool enough then you are free to pour in and mix up your alcohol of choice with the jello solution.

Once you have all your ingredients together, it is time to start pouring equal amounts into each cup. I found that my mixture created enough jello mix for 12 cups. I suppose the amount of cups you will use depends on how much you want in each individual shot. After your cups are filled, it is time to put them all in the fridge for set up...a minimum of 3 hours is usually a good amount of time.

Now Go Have Fun...and add some color and excitement to your next party (or alone time;) with Jello Shots. I am always looking for a new fun drink to share at my next get together...Do you have a favorite recipe? Please feel free to share your information below.

Be a responsible drinker...know your limit and NEVER  drink and drive!

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