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New Additions

My apologies for being a little behind today with posting BUT we were out all yesterday afternoon rounding up some new members to add to our family circle...

About 2 months ago we adopted our first ever Rattie named Roxy, from a family friend that could no longer keep her.

Babybear absolutely fell in love with her and takes her on daily adventures...flying in toy airplanes, driving in toy trucks and cars, dollhouse visits and has even tried to dress her in tiny doll clothes which proved to be too small.

Roxy and Babybear are inseparable...but our concern was that Roxy didn't have anyone to hang out with when we were either too busy during the day or not awake in the middle of the night, being as she is a nocturnal critter. For this reason I started to looking around to see if I could find some little cage mates for her. The trouble was that all the adoptees were either coming in pairs or were boys...boys is a no-no around here as we do not want any hanky panky going on...this is a family show kids:D

After trying to find what we were looking for before we left for Chicago and not being able to I kind of gave up for a bit. This past week I decided to start that search up again and found a wonderful lady who lives 30 minutes from my house that deals in both rescues and breeding. She has a mother rat that had, had 15 babies in total, 8 boys and 7 girls. Needless to say, we contacted her and paid her a visit yesterday...going with the FULL intention of only purchasing ONE 5 week old baby...and instead came home with these TWO sisters...
I introduce to you Chloe (The Black and White One) and Ellie (The Grey Dumbo Eared One)...

Cute aren't they?

I know, I know we all have preconceived ideas about these critters based on what we have seen and heard about the ones that live in the wild but please trust me when I say that all goes out the window when it comes to domesticated ones as seen here with these and this one. We have learned that not only are rats very intelligent but they are also very loving and extremely social.

We have yet to teach Roxy any tricks but are planning to give it a go...I am thinking that the babies may be easier to teach as they are only 5 weeks old, whereas Roxy is now just a year old and more set in her ways. I will update their progress as we move along with their integration and tricks.

Do you have any pets? Have you ever owned a rat? Do you have any advice on how to train them to fetch?If you haven't owned a rat, what kind of pet have you owned? Please feel free to share some information below and link up to some pictures or video of them. We would love to see your furry family friends.

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