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Restaurant Style Steak

Every once in a while I get that craving for some mouth watering Keg style steak...don't even get me started on the Mushroom steak at the Cactus Club...MMmmm so good! My imagination is then halted in its tracks when I think of the $20 - $30 price tag for 1 person that comes with a meal that good. This got me thinking that there must be a way to duplicate that delicious, mouth watering meat at home, I found out that there is....

I introduce to you...

Restaurant Style Steak...and you will need the following to prepare your own:

Steak (Choose the cut you like best, just make sure it is a thick piece)
Butter (The amount will depend on how many steaks you are cooking up)
Green Onions (Cut up to taste)
EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Sea Salt (If you don't have this on hand feel free to use regular salt. Although not as good it works if needed)
Pepper (I use a pepper mill but didn't until recently so either kind will work)

Start by taking your steak out of the refrigerator, allowing it to sit in order to bring it up to room temperature.

While it is warming up you can chop your green onions and add them to a bowl with your butter.

Using a fork mix the two together well and place the entire blob onto a piece of saran wrap.

 Wrap your butter up tight and form it into a log shape. It helps if you take the ends and hold them close to the butter and spin it around and around until they are completely twisted up.

Then roll your butter back and forth on the table until you reach a nice tight log shape and place it in the freezer to harden.

Now it is time to focus on those steaks. Coat both sides of your meat with a healthy amount of EVOO and top them off with your Salt and Pepper to taste.

At this point have them sit again while you heat your frying pan up to High on the stove top, allowing the EVOO and seasoning to work their magic. Do not add more than the salt and pepper for seasoning as that will only cause your meat to stick to the pan and the seasonings to come off. Once your pan is  HOT, HOT, HOT you can toss in your steak one at a time. The reason I say one at a time is because you want to sear the sides of the steak to a nice golden brown, not steam the steak and the more bodies in the pot the less searing action you will see. The amount of time you sear your steak for will depend on the thickness of your meat, but I find that most times it is at the bare minimum 3 minutes per side for a medium rare steak...MMmmmy favorite. While your steaks are searing turn your oven on to 500 degrees or Broil, making sure your shelf is sitting on the highest level closest to the top oven element. Once your steaks are a nice crispy dark brown (not blackened...unless that is what you like) on each side, you can transfer them to a foil covered cookie sheet, ready for the oven.

 Adding a bit more salt and pepper, place your steaks in the oven, making sure to watch them VERY closely as you do not want them to burn. You only want to add that grill flavor and cook the insides a little bit more. Don't be afraid of a little red meat, some raw is very tasty. I don't like my steak too raw but I do like the very middle section to be soft and somewhat red. I find that it helps to keep the meat moist avoiding that dry texture. Again the time here depends on the thickness of your meat but 6-10 minutes at most is usually all you need...just watch carefully and check often to get your steak just right. While you meat is grilling up you can take out your butter roll and slice it into thick chunks so that it is ready to be melted all over your steaks. Sometimes I put it in the oven on top for the last minute or so and other times I have left it until the steaks are out and resting...so I leave that part up to you as both have turned out well in our house.

Feel free to pair your restaurant style steak with some Crash Potatoes , fried mushrooms and Asparagus...I cook these little green stalks of goodness in the oven under broil for no more than 5-6 minutes but not before I coat them in EVOO and Sea Salt...so good!


Please feel free to share in the comment section below your ideas for bringing the restaurant home.


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