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Soft and Buttery Tip Tuesday

I know we all love the feel of a newborn baby's soft skin. Well what if I told you, that you could have that for yourself, would you believe me? Today's tip from Glamour.com will give you just that and best of all it uses ingredients that you will most likely already have in your kitchen.

For today's tip you will need only 3 ingredients:

Brown Sugar
Oatmeal ( I have seen it call for Raw Oatmeal but I used my quick oats instead)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The amount that you use of each ingredient will depend on how much you want to make at any one time. All you need to remember when measuring out your ingredients; is that they are 1 for 1 for 1...always equal parts. When trying this last night I created enough to fill this container...

measuring out 1/4 Cup of each ingredient.

Even after I finished scrubbing my entire frame (minus my face and places I couldn't reach on my back...have to ask PapaBear to help me with that next time) I found that I still had some leftover.

My thoughts when trying new things like this is to always go small, in case you don't like it, your body has a bad reaction to it or you don't use it all and it just goes bad in between. It only takes a minute to measure it out and mix it so I feel that I can make this fresh almost all the time with no issue.

Now I didn't take any pictures of this part but I will tell you that I scrubbed for about 5 minutes all over my legs, arms, tummy, chest, feet and buttocks...then rinsed off in a nice warm shower with a bit of soap to strip some of the greasy oil feel off and that was all it took to get back to baby soft skin...soo sooooffftttt...LOVE it!

WARNING...this will make your tub surface EXTREMELY slippery so please be very careful once you have rinsed this off, making sure to wash out your tub so that the next person in behind you does not fall and hurt themselves.


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