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Sparkling Lava

Since BabyBear and I had so much fun blowing up balloons with Baking Soda and Vinegar we decided to continue on that theme but adding in her favorite 2 things ...the color purple and sparkles. I first saw this idea on Preschool Powol Packets. Although not as much excitement to be had in this version, it was a lot of fun to see the sparkles bubbling in the rising lava.

For today's fun you will need the following items:

Vinegar (No Name Brand works just fine)
Baking Soda (You can find this at your local dollar store for cheap)
Sparkles (Dollar Store Variety works just fine)
Food Coloring (Found in the cake decorating isle of your local grocery store)
Measuring Cups

Start by placing your vase inside your bowl. This is so that if you have overspill of the lava it is not running all over your table and floor. Next you will need to put 3 Tablespoons of baking soda in to your vase.

 Now comes the color...Have your little one pick their favorite color and squeeze 7 drops of it into the vase on top of the baking soda.

 Top it all off with a few generous shakes of your sparkles and you are ready for the vinegar.

Measure 1/2 -3/4 Cups of vinegar into your measuring cup, pour it on top of the baking soda and...

Let the Fun Begin....

BabyBear at Work...

Sorry for the fuzzy quality of the lava in the video...will have to work on how to fix that when using my camera...still learning the ropes when it comes to this fancy new DSLR...

I think that we did it a total of 4 times ourselves last night...all I remember hearing from BabyBear was "Let's do it again Mama" ...Children love watching the vinegar rise but adding sparkles and color to it make it that much more exciting. I hope that you will give this simple activity a try ...and don't worry about a mess as it all washes down the drain with no trouble at all, so long as you keep your bowl underneath your vase.

QUICK TIP... if you happen to have a sluggish drain make sure to be pouring out your lava mix into that one, as baking soda and vinegar are natural home remedies for clogged drains. Keep your kids happy and your drains clog free...Win/Win for everyone!

Now Go Be a Kid......... and EXPLODE your way in to a sparkling good time. Please leave a comment below on how things go...pictures and video links are always appreciated too.

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