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Time Out Alternative for Littles and Bigs!

Ever have one of those days where it seem like every time you turn around your little being is having a melt down? Well, in our house living with a very passionate, outgoing, at times dramatic BabyBear those days sometimes comes more often than we wish. When I saw the words "Mind Jar" floating around the web I decided to take a look into what all the hype was about. Pinterest brought me to 3 different tutorials on how to create these little magical jars of distraction. Trust me when I say "Magical", as you will be drawn in to their mesmerizing shimmer so much so, that you will probably end up making one for yourself and taking "Time Outs" just because.

If you would like to create your own jar of magic you will need to collect the following items:

1 plastic bottle ( I used a bottle from our grape pop we had on Saturday at the wedding we attended)
Glitter Glue
Boiling water (cooled a bit before use)
Small tub of fine glitter
Hot glue (if you want to glue your lid on the jar)
Goo Gone (for removing any excess label that is stuck to the bottle)

Start with removing your label according to the Goo Gone instructions if you have one to remove. After your bottle is washed and cleaned out thoroughly you will need to fill your bottle one cup at a time to figure out how many cups it will hold. Once you have a clear measurement for your water, boil that amount in a kettle. Pour it out into a heat proof bowl and allow it to sit for a few minutes to cool so that you don't melt the plastic bottle you are going to be using. Once the water is somewhat cooler you can add in your glitter glue.

 The measurements are as follows...for every one cup of hot water you will need one tablespoon of glitter glue. To give you an idea the bottle we used held 2.5 Cups of water so I used 2.5 Tablespoons of glitter glue. Upon adding the glitter glue, I found that vigorous stirring helped to melt the glue into the water but not all of the chunks disappeared until I poured it in to the bottle and shook it up insanely. Once you have all your glitter glue in, now is the time to add in your small tub of really fine glitter and pour it into your plastic bottle. Top it off with a tightly screwed on lid (or hot glued on if you think it is necessary) and Shake Away!

So incredibly beautiful, relaxing and mesmerizing...

Don't you want one now too? I think I need a time out just so I can enjoy the relaxation of the sparkles shimmering down to the bottom of the bottle. Remember if you use a smaller plastic bottle as I did you can take this everywhere with you for time outs on the go.

Now Go Make a Difference and Cut Out those Tantrums ...Replace them with Magical Zen Moments instead.  Share some of your Zen Magic with us and link back with pictures and or videos of your results. We would LOVE to hear from you!

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