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Apple Painting

Continuing along with our Fall Apple Theme...we decided to do some Make and Takes Paper Tube Painting. By pressing the one side of the tube in just slightly, so that it looks almost like a soft heart creates the cutest little apple print when used with paint.

You will need the following to get started:

Paper Tube (Paper Towel, Wrapping Paper or Toilet Roll are all ones you can use)
Tempera Paint 
Scissors (These are only necessary if you have larger tubes to cut down to size)
Lid or Plate to place paint on to
Newspaper to cover your work area if you choose
Heavy Paper

This activity is very simple from start to finish...after cutting your tubes to size you will need to take one end and bend  it in slightly, so that it is rounded  with a divot at the top.

Dropping small amount of paint onto your lid (or plate), take your paper tube and dip the bent end into the paint.

Go stamp crazy all over your paper...apples going all different directions.

Once you have all the apples painted out you can either move onto the next step of adding the stems and leaves or like BabyBear did, wait until the apples are dry and then come back to add in your stems and leaves.

Either way when you are ready for stem and leaf painting...you will need to lay out some brown and green paint on your lid (or plate)... Then taking your paint brushes one stroke a stem where the divot at the top is and dab a little green leaf beside.

Ta Da! Apple Art...soo pretty for Fall!

Marie from Make and Takes had a great suggestion about using some of the prints for making Fall Apple Cards...you could even use them as tags for gifts...or like we do put aside for using in our 3D journals that we all pull out and create in sometimes to remember events or just relieve some stress. Whatever you choose to do with your final piece of art is up to you ...the process alone of painting is so much fun.

Now Go Be a Kid... and create some wonderful Fall Art!

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