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God of Thunder...Thor Hammer Tutorial

Since BabyBear is so into the retro super heroes I have been working on all things Hero. My latest project for her is the Thor Hammer to go with her Thor Mask . I worked designing the template and sewing the final product this past weekend. I am very happy with how it turned out and my equally happy BabyBear was very eager to wear it on our weekend outings to show it off.

For this Super Hero creation you will need the following supplies:

Grey Felt ( If you are impatient like BabyBear  you can use black too as that is what I had more of on hand)
Brown Felt
Sewing Machine
Thread of matching colors
Glue Gun
Straight Pins
Template (you can download here)

Start with your brown piece of felt...cut it in half

and then fold it in half again, pinning in place all the way down the open side. Placing your pinned felt under your sewing foot, making sure to line up the very edge with the foot edge...

 sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around from one end up to the top edge of the other end.

Once you have sew up your tube you will need to snip little incisions all the way around

and flip your tube outside right.

Taking some stuffing stuff your tube until  it is extremely firm.

You want it so that the tube doesn't bend in half when you shake it around. At this point you will need to place your skewers down into the felt tube on all sides. I used 4 of them but I would recommend you use 6 for extra stability. With your handle all set, now is the time to start working on your hammer head.

Taking the grey felt (or in my case black and grey felt) you will cut out 4 rectangular pieces and 2 square pieces.

 Once your templates are all cut out you will need to take one of the rectangular pieces, fold it in half and line up the circle template on it like so...

Notice how BabyBear added design to my template :D - Thanks to JrBear for his help with this picture.
Cut a slit in the middle. Then open up your rectangle and fold it in half the other way, align the circle again and make another slit going the opposite direction. This will be where you flip outside right your hammer after sewing all the edges together and ultimately attach your handle to the hammer with. With your slits cut and the pieces all cut out, you will now begin to lay your pieces edge to edge and pin them altogether until you reach a 3D rectangular shape that looks like this...

Again taking your sewing machine and sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around, making sure to seal each edge on every single side right up to the corners. After it has been completely sewn shut, you will then be able to turn it right side out using your 2 slit hole you cut in one of the rectangles.

At this point you should have a hammer handle and a hammer head with a hole in the middle of one side. Now is stuffing time...

How full you fill the hammer is all up to your preference. I made ours pretty solid and yet left enough space for it to have room to move.

Now you will need to heat up your glue gun and cover the entire top end of the hammer handle with hot glue. Very carefully slide the handle end into the hammer top, where you cut those 2 slits earlier. This part took me a couple of tries to get it set just right...you will have to play around with the fabric until it sticks in the right spots, securely holding the hammer head in place.

Get ready for some Thor Thunder....

Side Note: Because I had some glue marks showing at the bottom where the handle attached I cut a small circle with 2 slits in it and slid it up to be glued in place where the two pieces joined just to cover up the glue. If you are neater than I am with glue then you will not need to take this step...so I leave that up to you.

If there are issues with the Template link please let me know in the comment section below.

Now Go Be a Kid and spread some Super Hero Happiness! ...Please make sure to share your versions of this tutorial below. I know BabyBear would LOVE to see some other Thor's in action.

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