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H2O2 Tip Tuesday!

With winter almost here dry skin and eczema flair ups tend become a common battle I fight hard to stay on top of. I don't really have a very big issue with eczema...the only places I seem to get flair ups are, on my hands right around the knuckle area...their dry, itchy and the cracking it causes can be very painful, especially when washing my hands with soap.

Wow, the Iphone 5 really captures all the details we can't see with the naked eye when up close.

I have always tried to keep the areas well moisturized which works to mask the problem but not to clear it up. Being one who really tries their best not to take medication or use medicated creams, I'm always researching home remedies and how to create them. In my search on this subject I didn't find anything that I could use but instead decided to resort to an old favorite for many other uses and used myself as the guinea pig to see if it worked.

Hydrogen Peroxide or H2O2...

We drink the food grade, bath in the 3%  pharmacy kind (perhaps one day I will write a post about these 2 and what they have done for our lives), our body produces it naturally and who can go wrong with an extra atom of oxygen? That is all it really is...H2O which is water with an extra atom of Oxygen making it H2O2. So if you suffer with the problem that I do or elsewhere, give this a try (keeping in mind that it will bleach your hair so unless you want to blonde keep it away from the top of your head).

DISCLAIMER: I would like to state that I am not a doctor by any means, just a mom who tries to eliminate as many chemicals from her family's bodies as possible by taking the natural route where I can...please feel free to talk to your doctor about this technique before trying it out if you have any concerns.

All I can tell you, based on personal experience is; that it works for me with NO SIDE AFFECTS to my system at all (that is regarding all 3 ways we use it). I trust H2O2 enough that I give it to and use it on my children on a regular basis ...right down to my 4 year old BabyBear.

Here is a quick video of the H2O2 in action on my hand...

After it has had the chance to bubble for a bit, I just rinse it off with water only...it feels soft and the moisture is replenished. Sometimes I only have to do this once and it starts to heal and other times I repeat this procedure a couple of times before it heals...but it works every time either way.

Do you have any ideas on how to stay healthy the home remedy way? If so, please share as I always love something we can create from scratch ourselves to help us stay healthy in the coming cold months.

Now Go Be Brave: Try something new today ...and keep your skin feeling soft, fresh and healthy.


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