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Halloween Tip Tuesday

Looking for some simple last minute ideas for creating that Spooktacular look for Halloween night...try Tonic Water!

It works really well to give off that eerie glow effect when creating potion tables...BabyBear has had a blast this year picking out all the grossest parts she could find at the dollar store and helping me put them up for our Halloween party we had on the weekend with JrBear's Midget hockey team.

Items needs for your Halloween Decor:

Tonic Water
Black Light
Old Bottles in different sizes (recycled ones from thrift stores are best)
Food Coloring (Optional)
Labels (Can be found at the Dollar Store or printed online...optional)

Start with a nice clean bottle, fill it part way or to the top with tonic water...

do this repeatedly until all your bottles are filled.

Feel Free to add in props ...like BabyBears brain here :D

At this point you can add in a few drops of color to some of the bottles and or a label or 2.

Then begin working on your table decor. I used a big black piece of fabric, draped completely over the top...then to that I added a strip of shiny fabric I had laying around (I found it help reflect the light that bounced off the bottles) and finally draped some grey fabric around the outer edge for some pop to the table's look. You can really go all out or keep it simple...it is all up to you.

With your fabric all in place it is time to set up your black light...plug it in.

Place your bottles how you see fit...and

VOILA!!! Potions are ready for use.....

Have Fun with it and please by all means share your results with us below...WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM!


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