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Let Me See You Sushi Roll

With Halloween just around the corner and my little weekly charge in need of a costume for his Halloween themed birthday party he attended on the weekend, I decided to sew him a cute sushi roll costume. Don't worry I took lots of pictures as I thought knew after seeing how adorable it turned out that, you would want to create one for a special little one in your life.

For the Sushi Roll costume you will need the following:

1 White Tshirt (sized to fit your own little Halloweenie)
Orange Felt
Black Felt
Tan Felt
Green Felt
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread
Straight Pins
Template Body
Template Tail

Start your project by printing and cutting out your template.

Once you are all cut out, take your tan felt piece and pin your template to the top side. With your scissors cut around the template, minus the tail piece.

At this point you will need to cut apart your template solid piece by following the stripe lines running across it. Make sure to cut just inside the lines so that when you lay your pieces down on the table there is a small space between them all. The idea is to have the tan felt show through in between each orange piece once they are all laying flat on the white t-shirt. Take all your cut template pieces including the tail and pin them to the orange felt for cutting out.

Now with all your Shrimp pieces cut out,

it is time to start sewing. Starting with your tan felt piece,

pin it to the white shirt and sew a 1/4 inch seam with matching thread all the way around the outside.

Do the same with your orange felt, making sure to pin and sew only one piece of orange felt at a time. I found that when pinning one piece on, it was good to lay out the piece that goes either above it or below it in order to make sure that you are getting them evenly spaced.

Sew each piece on with a 1/4 inch seam all the way around them.

Finish up the shrimp with the addition of the tail. It seemed to stick out a bit where it joined on to the body with only a 1/4 inch seam... so I decided to add a small zig zag stitch along the entire top edge, where the 2 body parts joined together in order to help the tail lay flat against the shirt.

With your shrimp all complete it is now time to add in your seaweed edges. Take your 8.5"x11" green felt piece and cut it in half...now take one of those halves and cut it in half again. You will now have 2 thinner strips of green felt that can be laid evenly against each other while you cut a jagged edge all the way up one side.

This part can be a bit tricky...you will need to lay your shirt completely flat and match up the straight side of the green felt so that it is roughly 1/8 inch from the side seam and pin in place.

Make sure that you are only pinning it to one side of the t-shirt or you will end up sewing your shirt shut. With your felt pinned neatly in place sew a 1/4 inch seam from one end all the way to the other end. Repeat with your 2nd piece of green felt on the opposite side of the shirt.

Once you have sewn all the parts on you just need to cut yourself a thin black belt ...it will be the seaweed tie that hold everything together. I just cut 2 strips of black felt...sewed them together at one end and then added a small piece of Velcro and its attachment at the other end and we were all ready to Sushi Roll.

Pair this up with a black pair of pants and you are all ready for some fun trick or treating or your next Halloween Costume party. I'm still awaiting the picture of my little charge in his Roll...I will update with that as soon as I receive it. Just so you know....This costume was sewn during a one hour and a half nap session...easy peasy and your set for a night of fun.

Now Go Be Halloweenie and roll yourself into a Sushi Costume...Happy Sewing!


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