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Lunch Tip Tuesday

I know we all do it...when packing a lunch we are always trying to find creative, non-messy ways to keep food cold so that it doesn't spoil...and  if you are anything like me you want to have a clean area in which to eat it in. Well I came across the BEST idea recently that encompasses just that...Cold and Clean...can't ask for more.

All you need is:

Ziploc Bag

Both items can be found for cheap at your local Dollar Store...

Bring them home, soak the sponge in water, toss it in the freezer overnight..

Come the next morning you toss the sponge into a Ziploc bag and in to your lunch sac. Now you will not only have cold food BUT you can use the thawed sponge to clean your area before and after you eat.


Now Go Be Resourceful... and Wow your family and friends with how easy it actually is.


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