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Old Traditions Die Hard-Spaghetti and Meatballs For The Win!

Meatballs are something you can make and eat a multitude of ways...sweet and sour, on a toothpick, big or small, in a mushroom sauce...I am sure there are many other ways to create them, but my ALL time FAVORITE is definitely the traditional Spaghetti and Meatball option. When it comes to spaghetti I am a noodle and sauce person most of the time. Sometimes I will throw in the ground beef to change it up, actually more often than not as my Boy bears like that option better than just sauce BUT I am always willing to toss in a few meatballs when I get the chance. Those babies sit highest on all of our lists when it comes to spaghetti. The trick with meatballs is getting the seasoning just right...I think I have found the perfect item to do just that...my garlic go to from Club House - Garlic Plus...everything you need all in one bottle...PERFECT!

To create your own tasty morsels of meat you will need the following items:

Ground Beef
Eggs (I used 2 for the amount in the picture)
Garlic Plus

Start your meatball making adventure by covering your baking sheet with a silpat mat or parchment paper and heat your oven to a toasty 350°.

Move onto breaking up your beef into a medium sized bowl and to that pour in your Garlic Plus...I never measure it I go by sight...and I use a lot...if I had to guess how much I would say probably 3 heaping tablespoons at the very least. Now crack your egg or eggs in my case and slightly beat them before adding them to your meat mix. To that you will need to add your fresh bread crusts or slices but not before tearing them up into little crouton sized pieces.Now for the fun part...getting dirty...with your bare hands you will need to mix all these ingredients together well, making sure to spread all the ingredients evenly through the mix.

While your hands are still mucky you can begin to roll sections of it out into sizes no bigger than a golf ball each.

With your meat rolled, your hands washed and your oven warm it is time to bake those babies up. Place them in your hot oven for a minimum of 25 minutes, turning at least once so they don't over-bake on one side. I usually cut one open at that set time limit to see if they are done and if not put them back in for a couple minutes extra at a time...Checking on them often. It is also a good time to try one too...just one perk to being a cook...tasting the food!

While your meatballs are cooking get your sauce and noodles cooked up so that when they are ready there is nothing left to do but eat.


In case you are wondering those are homemade pretzel bites on the side...recipe t o come at a later date.

Now Go Amaze... your family with some delicious Italian cooking.


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