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Perfectionist Tip Tuesday

Do you have a little of that perfectionist style in your personality? I know I do...and at times it can be very frustrating. I find that when learning something new I tend to get agitated easily if I can't do it right on the first one or two tries...and learning something new in front of an audience? Well you can almost forget that...over the years I have worked hard to calm that little monster from rising up in me...it is not always possible but has definitely helped me to be braver in more situations that require public scrutiny.

 Unfortunately, my BabyBear has inherited this gene of perfectionism and as a result can be very hard on herself when learning something new. This has come to be a big problem in her learning how to write letters and numbers. I have tried the workbook route, the finger tracing apps route and many other options only to be dead ended by the "I am no good at this, I don't want to do it". It breaks my heart to hear her say that and I feel partly responsible, even though I didn't directly give this to her myself. We have tried everything to build her up when trying out something new but it never seems to be enough. It is sad to me that someone who is so outgoing, passionate and entertaining  in her everyday life could be so hard on her own person like that.

Despite this regular occurrence in our daily lives, I am happy to report that during this past couple of months BabyBear has decided to give letters and numbers a try again...all on her own I might add. There have been times I will find her laid up with the Ipad and she is busily tracing her letters...with no sign of upset but instead pure elation that she DID IT ALL BY HERSELF!!! To add to this adventure and really get her going on numbers I purchased her a Super Hero workbook...with all her favorites in it. At first all she wanted to do was go through it and talk about who was in it but just the other day she decided she wanted to actually try out the activities in it with Mama...so I decided in order to avoid a hiccup in her bravery that I would need to come up with a way that would allow her to make mistakes that are not going to appear in her book forever ...to Try and Try again as many times as she needed and not feel like she couldn't do it and do it Well...I present to you

Sorry for the lousy pictures...I took these at night and  the plastic would not focus well  on my camera...I tried.
Protective Sleeves...can be bought at the Dollar Store, 10 in a pack for $1.25
Erasable Marker (Another Dollar Store Find)

The workbook we chose fits perfectly into the Protective plastic...BabyBear can write on it with her erasable marker and quickly remove her mess ups and try again, over and over ...until she feels she got it right.

Then when we pull the book out of the Sleeve it is still blank and new...

giving us a chance to repeat the same activities as many times as BabyBear would like...which is usually A LOT!

If your workbook is too thick to fit inside the sleeve all at once, you could take it a step further and cut the pages apart with an exacto knife and slip a page into each sleeve...then place your protective sleeves into a binder and you are all set for practicing, letters, numbers, mazes, dot to dots...over and over again without having to buy more books each time one fills up.

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