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Pumpkin Pie a Delicious Fall Treat

With Thanksgiving just behind us, the taste of Pumpkin pie is still on my mind...sooo GOOD! For the first time this year I made one for our Holiday dessert using my family pie recipe found here. I will be honest though and admit that I did not bake this pie completely from scratch, although my twist made it did taste just like that, even with the use of canned pumpkin. A few years ago I attempted to create a pumpkin pie from scratch and don't think I will ever do so again...peeling pumpkin is not really my idea of a good time. Perhaps I was being shown wrong...any ideas or input on how to do it better would be greatly appreciated...feel free to leave them below.

Now back to the pie...you will need the following to create your own from almost scratch...

1 540ml Canned Pumpkin (I used ED Smith's Canned Pumpkin)
1 Pie Shell (homemade or store bought works well too)
1 Egg Beaten slightly
1/3 Cup Egg Nog (My secret twist which I happened upon accidently due to not having any evaporated milk...this is just as thick and sweet...can't go wrong)

Crack your egg into a bowl and beat slightly, adding to that your 1/3 Cup of Egg Nog and mix well. Time for the pumpkin, whether it be canned or freshly made...stir everything until well combined and pour into your pie shell...

Voila...you have homemade, well MamaBear style made Pumpkin Pie!

Sorry, in my busyness on Thanksgiving day I didn't think to get a picture of the baked pie and by time I thought about it...it was ALL GONE! 

Please, if you have ideas or thoughts on how to prep pumpkin from scratch please let me know. I am willing to give it another try if you can show me an easier way to work with it.

Now Go... and Create yourself a DELICIOUS Fall Treat!


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