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Clouds in a Jar

Science at the preschool level is so much fun. To watch their minds go to work putting together thoughts and ideas as they sort out how the world works is an incredible experience. I love living this over and over with BabyBear and for this reason we do a lot of science experiments around here. The most recent topic we have been working on is water... how our earth has been recycling it for the last 2000 years...over and over again. More specifically we have been talking about the formation of clouds and what happens when they get too full. To demonstrate this topic I found the coolest experiment idea on Pinterest from Teach Preschool...

Clouds in a Jar !

All you will need to create this magic is:

1 Canning Jar (I suppose you could also use a tall water glass)
Shaving Cream
Colored Water (We chose blue to keep with the rain theme)
1 Medicine Dropper

Start off by filling your jar or glass 2/3 full of warm tap water....

On to that spray a "Cumulus Cloud" of shaving cream....

Fill your medicine dropper with coloured water...

Drip! Drop! Your colored water all over the top of your "Cloud"....

As the cloud fills up with water you will start to notice the "Rain" falling out the bottom, back into your body of water. This helps preschoolers to visualize how clouds build, where the rain comes from and see for themselves the cycle that is constantly repeated over and over in nature.

It was so much fun to watch nature recreated right there in the kitchen and to hear the exclamations of preschooler excitement as our cloud talk on the carpet came to life right before their eyes at the table.

During this science time we talked about 3 different types of clouds and created some cloud crafts. I will be sharing those with you on Monday but for now enjoy the simple science behind our incredible nature outside.

Now Go Be Adventurous....and share the facts of life with your little Bear.

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