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Individual Spinach Rolls

I love lasagna as much as the next person BUT...and you knew there was a but coming...it needs to be made just right. If the flavors aren't mixing well, it is a no go for me. Vegetarian lasagna is definitely at the top of my list so when I found this Spinach Lasagna recipe on "Never Trust a Skinny Cook" I was more than a little eager to try it *(insert drooling mouth here)*. I know some people shy away at the thought of spinach but please trust me when I say this dish is well worth it...you won't be disappointed.

For today's recipe you will need the following items to get started:

8 Lasagna Noodles
1/2 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
6oz Thawed Frozen Spinach (You can feel free to use 4 Cups of Fresh Spinach instead that has been wilted in warm water and garlic)
15 ounces Ricotta Cheese (which is just over a cup of cheese)
Salt and Pepper (To Taste)
1 Egg Whisked
Tomato Sauce (or leftover Spaghetti Sauce as I used)
Grated Marble Cheese (To Taste)

Start by preheating your oven to a toasty warm 350°.

I had precooked my lasagna noodles ahead of time but if you have not done so you will need to start with cooking them via your package instructions.

While your noodles are cooking scramble your egg in a medium sized bowl and to that add your Parmesan Cheese, Spinach, Ricotta Cheese, Salt, Pepper and stir well.

Lay all your now cooked and cooled noodles (you can cool them faster by placing them in a strainer and running cold water over them) out onto your work surface.

Begin to spoon a small amount of your filling onto each noodle, making sure to spread it evenly from top to bottom. I left just a small amount of space at the bottom so that it was easier to start and stop the roll.

Beginning with the end that is closest to you lift up the bottom and begin to slowly roll your lasagna noodle all the way up to the top. Repeat this process until all of your noodles are rolled up.

Into a 9x13 baking dish you will need to lay down a layer of tomato sauce. I used some leftover spaghetti sauce I had stored in the freezer for this part.

Begin to place your rolled noodles onto the layer of sauce and fill up your dish. Once all of your rolls are in the dish, now is the time to toss on your grated cheese (I used Marble as that is what we had on hand but you can feel free to keep it traditional and use just Mozzarella cheese if you like). Top your cheese with some more tomato sauce and finish it up with a sprinkle or two or four of grated Parmesan cheese(if you are anything like me when it comes to cheese) and you are all set for the oven.

Cover your rolls in foil and bake in the oven for 40 minutes, at which point you can take off the foil and bake a minute or 2 longer under the broiler ...just enough time to brown up the cheese topping.


Now Go Be Brave... and try something new today!


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