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Marshmallow Tip Tuesday

Everyone is familiar with the Marshmallow...for the most part I am sure. You know the one...white, soft, squishy bundle of sweet deliciousness that can be used in Hot Chocolate, Homemade Fondant, and who could forget the summertime treat of S'mores roasted over the camp fire MMMM.... so Good!

Oh Marshmallow, you have always brought me such joy...and now I have reason to eat you even more...apparently Marshmallows hold a HEALING power too...who knew? Apparently, a good majority of the world did...where have I been?

From what I can gather the Marshmallows gelatin works to heal your throat when it is raw and sore...it will also help to nip your dry cough that is irritating your sore throat at the same time, as shown here on Life Hackers blog.


If you want to take it a step further and get into the inner workings behind why it works and where it comes from have a look here on Herb Wisdom for the science behind it all. There you will also be able to see how Marshmallow root can not only heal your sore throat this winter but is also very beneficial to those of us like me with Crohn's disease for preventing ulcers from doing their damage. From what I can gather the Marshmallow Root has some natural anti-inflammatory as it is also sometimes used in creams to heal skin conditions such as eczema.

I cannot vouch for the affect it has on Herb Wisdom's write up as I have not taken the Marshmallow root...YET! What I can tell you though is that when my throat was slightly sore the other day I did eat a Marshmallow or 2   shhhhh!.... and I found that very quickly my throat felt better. I would like to try it out on an extremely RAW throat one day to see if it does actually work just as well but for now at least you know people are telling the truth. Have you tried this technique before? Did it work for you? Any idea on where we can purchase the Marshmallow Root? I would like to know as I am sure this form is way better than the sugary form when it comes to health.

Do you have any other homemade sore throat remedies that you use on a regular basis...if so please share them with us below.

I don't know about you but I am going to continue to keep Marshmallows on hand for the odd sneaky sore throat that pops up this winter...can't hurt and if nothing else I get the sweet enjoyment that comes from eating a Marshmallow or 2.

Now Go Be Sweet...and eat a Marshmallow for health today!


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