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Sticky Tip Tuesday

Yesterday I not only learned something new but watched in awe it working in action. My Grandmother came by for a visit and to help JrBear with his Family Heritage project we are working on for English/Socials. While she was here she pulled out a miniature key chain for BabyBear. Unfortunately, after pulling the chain off its backing we found a pile of sticky goo there. Now usually I would have just pulled out the "Goo Be Gone" but not Gramma...instead she goes straight for my:

Peanut Butter??!!!

Who knew? I certainly didn't ...but I watched her rub a small amount on the back of the key chain character and circle it around, again and again ...then she rinsed and washed it clean.


No more stickiness and completely chemical free (well better than Good Be Gone chemicals I'm sure). Now I know this will not work for those with a peanut allergy...sorry about that...BUT you may want to look at using a Baby oil in some instances...I have used that to remove the stickiness of Crazy glue that got on my fingers before and it works like a charm. The only thing I would be careful of when using Baby Oil to remove stickiness, would be painted surfaces as it may break down the sealant and paints.

Now Go Be Brave...and get buttery to remove that next sticky price tag from your new item.


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