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Stress Decreasers

With the holiday season fast approaching come the stresses of shopping, wrapping, prepping, partying, eating and many a late night. None of which are very good for our systems. Being a high stress person myself, I need all the help I can get, so I am always researching good, easy ways to recenter myself and keep from going over the edge during the holiday season. ..I believe that this will not only set me up to have better days with my family but teach them how to live relatively stress free at the same time. That second reason alone is why I try these techniques out in the first place...I want my children to grow up healthy and to live long, energetic lives. I believe taking the time to breathe correctly and to heal our bodies through simple yoga stances will help to bring that dream about.

This coming week I want to share with you a couple of techniques that I have been trying myself recently. I have found so far that not only do they seem to relax me but they also help my body and mind to feel refreshed at the end of a long day.

The technique I want to share with you today is for breathing...the nice thing about breathing exercises is that they can be done anywhere, at anytime...and your body reaps the benefits immediately.

Start by sitting up straight and placing your right index finger on the side of your nose and gently press your right nostril closed. Now breathe in deeply through your left nostril hold for 2 seconds and release. Repeat this 4-5 times on each side or more if you can handle it. After only a few times of doing this you will begin to feel extremely refreshed and revitalized.

Breathing through the right nostril sends oxygen to the left side of the brain...where logical thinking comes from. This focused breathing will help to clear the mind and bring about refreshed focus concentration for important decisions and or tasks, such as driving in bad weather. For the creative/imaginative thinkers out there breathing through the left nostril sends oxygen to the right side of the brain allowing, creative juices to flow that much more fluently.

Although our bodies naturally allow us to breathe through one side at a time on a regular basis I believe that forcing one side over the other at will help to bring about a clearer head in situations where one type of thinking is needed more than another.

If you would like further information on this topic feel free to do your own research...here are a couple of links to get you started:



Now Go Be Brave... and rejuvenate your mind and body today.


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