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Untangled Tangle Tip Tuesday

If you have little girls, you will most likely have a doll or 2 that looks like this...

Nightmare Hair as I like to call it.

 At this point I usually pull out the scissors and the brush...lay the doll flat on the floor and pull the brush through her hair repeatedly...then cut all the stretched ends off. I finish it off with a braid to keep it from happening again but they never last very long as BabyBear likes her baby's locks hanging wild and free. I find this tangling fact about doll hair to be very frustrating, I blame my OCD...so when I started to see posts all over the Internet about doll conditioner I was more than eager to look at little further...Today's tip will show you how well this works and how easy it is to do.

You will need:

A nightmare hair Doll
1.5 Tsp Fabric Softener
1 Cup Water
Spray Bottle
Brush (A very strong one)

Fill a spray bottle up with 1 Cup of water and to that add in your 1.5 Tsp of Fabric Softener...shake well.
Take your doll and lay her flat on the floor (feel free to put a towel underneath her so the spray doesn't soak your floor). Divide the dolls hair in half and spray it from top to bottom. You don't need to soak it just 2-3 squirts should be enough to start. Now you will need to use every ounce of energy to pull and drag your brush through the hair from top to bottom. You will find that the hair will stretch but not to worry you will just  need to use your scissors to trim the very ends off, making them even.

With a couple of sprays (or more than a couple if needed) and a few minutes of brushing...look at the difference...

Now repeat the same procedure on the opposite side and your Bears dolly's will be as good as new...and smell fresh too.

Leave the doll to dry out ...we did overnight and by this morning she was ready for play.

Now Go Be Brave... and Tackle some NIGHTMARE hair of your own.


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