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Borrowed Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Is anyone out there dealing with the cold season like we are? I am so tired of feeling tired, run down and stuffed up...now my poor BabyBear is coming down with it. We will be doing everything to make sure she is all better by this coming Dance Recital Saturday. BabyBear will be so disappointed if she cannot attend, as will we. Here's to hoping she can fight this nasty bug off...FAR OFF!

Now on to what you are really here for...Tuesday's Tip.

This is an idea that I have needed for a long time but never thought of it until I saw it done by Good Cheap Eats ...I should add that although I have been reading her blog for quite some time it was only this morning as I went to write this post I realized that she was also running a Tip Tuesday. I guess great minds think alike.

Okay back to the Tip...I think my stuffed up head is contributing to my distraction...sorry...

Today's tip will not only help you in the kitchen but save you some money at the same time...You know those large skillets that you have in your cupboard? The ones that most times do not come with a lid? Well, the next time you find yourself in the midst of cooking a meal, thinking I need to buy a skillet with a lid, think that no more. Instead just grab one of your large baking sheets and...


Your pan is covered and your meal is cooking all without adding another pan to your cupboard and removing cash from your wallet. I love when those 2 things come together.

As Good Cheap Eats states, do be careful when lifting your cookie sheet off your pan, it will be hot and so we recommend using an oven mitt when picking it up. There will also most likely be condensation on the bottom side once it has been removed...watch out for little people walking underneath and your own feet when transferring it to the counter or sink.

There you have it...a tip to help and save all rolled into one...can't get better than that!

Now Go Be Brave...and save some money today!


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