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How to Shorten a Zipper

I am sure that for most of you this technique is nothing new but for those of us that are learning to sew as we go this will be of great help. If you are anything like me you will find yourself ready to sew something only to realize that all the zippers you have on hand are way too big for your current project. Well worry no more because after today you will never have that issue again.

For today's project you will need the following:

An over sized zipper
Tape Measure
Scissors ...I recommend that you do not use your good ones for this project

Start by laying out your zipper on a flat surface.

Measure from where the zipper begins when it is closed all the way down to the length that you are needing.

Mark this point with a pen... and then from that mark measure again 3/4 of an inch farther down and mark.

This point will be your new zipper end zone and the spot where you will be stitching with your thread and needle.

With your marks in place thread your needle with matching color to the zipper and begin to whip stitch over and over in that spot. Make sure to do many layers so that your zipper will not come apart once it is inside your new creation.

Once you are satisfied with your stitching and made sure that it is strong enough to keep the zipper head from pulling through it, it is time to snip off the old end.

Measure down 1/4 of an inch from where you stitched and cut...

Voila! New, shorter zipper ready for projects galore.

Do not throw away your zipper ends...

I have another project coming that you can use them for...Upcycling is so much fun!

Now Go Be Brave...and shorten a zipper today!


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