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Quick Hamburger Tip Tuesday

Sometimes I take the lazy road and want to just throw my hamburger stash in the freezer uncooked. Then comes the issue of only taking out a small portion that is needed without thawing out the entire chunk of meat. Well I have found a solution to that very issue...Meat Scoring! No, it is not a sport so please put away your hockey sticks.

Start by placing your hamburger meat in to a large freezer style zip loc bag.

Zip it shut and begin to remove the air by gently flattening the meat until you have it in one EVEN layer.

Taking a plastic hanger as I used or something similar...perhaps a ruler or chopstick and begin to score out your lines and separate your meat into sections like so...

There you have it...now when the time comes to remove a particular amount of meat you will not have to unthaw the entire chunk, nor will you have to have a mile high pile of medium zip loc bags in your freezer.

This saves your meat, your time and your space.

Now Go Be Brave...and Score some meat today!


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