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Step By Step Grinch Creation

Update: Sorry for the delay but my Christmas party Preparations overtook my day yesterday...so here is my step by step as promised...Enjoy!

Yesterday's Grinch Heart was such a success that I am very excited to be sharing with you the step by step on how to create him from beginning to end.

For today's project you will need:

Red Fondant (I mix my white MMF in with my Red Modelling chocolate for the deep red)
White Fondant
Black Fondant
Yellow Fondant
1 Regular Icing Tip
1 2D Icing Tip
Green Buttercream Icing
Cupcakes (Coloured Green if you like)

Start with your #2D icing tip and begin to swirl the furry green head of your Grinch. When I reach the top of his head I just pull off the tip, leaving a rough hairy look to it.

With your icing in place on your cupcakes it is time to flatten out a piece of the yellow fondant. Taking your regular sized icing tip, use the back wider end to cut out your circles. Remember you will need 2 circles for every cupcake you are decorating.

Once your circles are cut out you will need to use your pointer finger and thumb to gently guide your circle into a tear drop shaped eye. Now is the time to add in the red fondant balls for the center of each eye.

After all your eyes are cut and shaped it is time to roll your black fondant into a very thin log and begin to slice it into 1.5-2 inch lines.

These lines will then each be pinched into a V with slightly curled out tops.

Finally, it is time to roll out a small ball of red fondant.

As you are rolling begin to roll more to one end, shaping your ball into a kind of long Hershey's kiss shape. The long end that you have coming off the top of your ball will be the top portion of the Grinch's hat.

Once you have the Hershey's kiss how you like it...it is time to start pulling and shaping the bottom of the hat. I like a wider brim as I feel it gives the face more character but how wide you make it is all up to you.

At this point you will need to wash the colour from your hands and roll out the white fondant in to a very thin log. Cut your white log into 2-3 inch pieces to be used for the fluffy brim cover. Taking another piece of the white fondant you will need to roll a mini white ball in your hands and attach it to the Hersey's kiss end on your hat.

With all your pieces set now comes the fun of putting them all together. I found that a paintbrush (used only for food of course) to brush on a bit of water helps to keep each piece in place when attaching them onto the cupcake. If you are finding that your hat is moving too much feel free to stick a toothpick into the bottom of the hat and use that to hold it in place on the cupcake by carefully sliding the other end into the icing and cake.

TaDa! You are ready for a Grinchy Christmas!

In case you are just joining us today, there is a little fondant heart inside each of my Grinch cupcakes...feel free to read about my adventure in getting them there, here.

Now Go Be Brave... and make a Grinch today!

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