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The Grinch's Heart Was Two Sizes Too Small

Christmas is approaching at rapid speed. I felt like I was at the top of the hill in crossing off my to do list but with all this snow and ice I am quickly picking up speed and not in the direction I want to go. Regardless, I am still enjoying this season's prep work and wanted to share with you another Christmas cupcake idea, I first saw on Sugar Swings! Serve Some. Her idea for Grinch cupcakes was perfect for my Baby Bears theater class Christmas break goodbye, as they are working on Grinch musical scenes for the 2013 Spring Competitions.

For today's post I thought I would share with you my experience in getting the hearts of the Grinch into the cupcakes. Michelle posted that she tried fondant hearts in a cupcake while baking. Her attempt came out perfect so I thought "Hey, let's give this a go...can't go badly for me"...or could it?

Yes, it could...and do you know why? All because in my excitement to create these little morsels of surprise for the kids I didn't think about the fact that marshmallows
And melt they did...after following her directions on putting the fondant hearts five minutes into the cupcake baking time...

Baking the cupcakes...taking them out...cutting one open...only to be greeted with candy melted bottomed cupcake. Did I figure out my mistake right away? No, apparently I needed more sleep but eventually after much frustration and upset the thought popped into my head..."Of Course silly, Tricks are for Kids Ooops, sorry wrong talk...Marshmallows melt...DUH! Remember putting them over a campfire for those toasty, gooey S'mores? Yeah...same idea but without the S'more.

So needless to say I was disappointed but not beaten. Instead of taking no heart Grinch to class I remade mini hearts...

Sliced each cupcake open...

Gently squeezed each slice from side to side opening up the cupcake....

Placed a heart into each one...


Like Magic I had what I wanted and skipped out on the step of having to remake cupcakes, buy regular fondant and waste my valuable time.

Lesson learned...and now passed on to you. Only cook the fondant hearts if you are NOT using Marshmallow fondant. Don't be like me and add more work to your already hectic schedules this season.

Come Back tomorrow for the How To Steps on Creating My Grinch Cupcake for your next party.

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