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Thinking of NewTown Connecticut

In wake of Friday's horrific elementary school shooting we mourn with those that lost both young and old. For this reason I am joining many other bloggers in an attempt to support those living in grief this Monday morning.

Situations like these not only bring about a deep element of pain but also help to remind us to stop taking our everyday for granted...

To reach out to those around us regularly... 
To remind them just how much they mean to us...
To show them and tell them just how much we love and support them...

I ask that you spend some time today and join me, along with many others in sending our positive thoughts, our LOVE and most importantly our prayers to those families living in the nightmare of Friday's senseless shooting.

Below are some listed options for how you can support the families of Newtown...

If you are looking to be of support in a more physical way you can always sign the Sandy Hook Elemetary School National Sympathy Card.

If you are looking to support the families that will be in need of counselling and grief support services you can always donate to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

If you are looking for a way to help your children through a tragic situation you can visit Kid Power for more information on how to best do that.

Lastly, if you would just like the chance to get to know what type of place Newtown really is please visit my fellow blogger Jamie over at Simple Mom. Being a permanent resident of Newtown, Connecticut herself, she has been able to write a beautiful description on what it is really like to live in Newtown. Her write up helps to paints a much prettier, more peaceful side of a town we see as only horrific because of one person's poor decision making on Friday December 14, 2012

If nothing else today, make sure to draw the ones you love in just a little closer.
We want to wish you all a Blessed Holiday Season as you join us in remembering those 
that were lost.


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