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Bacon Tip Tuesday!

We have been cooking our bacon for years using our George Foreman Grill and I LOVE it. The reason behind my love for this kitchen grill is the fact that it removes all the grease for you while cooking your meat...simple and healthier. What I don't love about using this grill is the fact that it is small and I can only cook 1/4 of the meat at one time. For this reason this past weekend I decided to give cooking bacon in the oven a try...my end result?

Happiness at being able to cook it all at once...Thrilled with how good it tasted...the only draw back was having it soak in all those fats but nothing a napkin on a plate soak can't help...Overall definitely a great way to cook your bacon if:

  1. You forgot to start cooking it before you prep your pancake or waffle batter.
  2. If you have a lot of people to feed all at once.
  3. If you don't have a grill and would rather not be sprayed with bubbling, HOT grease as your bacon cooks.

The process for cooking bacon this way is really very simple. 

First cover your cookie sheet...the bigger the better in some foil.

Make sure to have the foil go right up and over the sides so that the grease does not leak through and you can easily transfer it from your pan to a container or the garbage when you are done cooking.

Lay your bacon in a single file layer on the sheet. Placing them as close together as possible so that you can fit all or at least most of your bacon on there in one shot.

Place your pan in the oven on the middle shelf, close the door, turn your oven on to 400ยบ and walk away for the next 17-20 minutes. I say start checking back at about the 15 minute mark as each oven varies and unless you like the taste of burnt bacon you will want to make sure that yours is not burning. 

Once it has been cooked, pull the bacon off the cookie sheet and place it on a napkin covered plate so that your remaining grease will be soaked up.

Apparently it was so good I forgot to take any pictures after it came out of the oven...ooops!

That's it...a delicious, WHOLE package of bacon in one shot without all the grease spatter all over your stove top, hands and arms.

Just remember that your sheet of bacon MUST go into a COLD OVEN...DO NOT preheat your oven as the bacon cooks while the oven is heating up just as much as it does when it is finally at temperature.

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Now Go Be Brave....and cook bacon the faster, less messier way!


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