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Cheeseburger Tortilla Wraps

As promised I am back today with a recipe that we can all use with our delicious homemade heavenly tortillas. Have you tried them yet? If not you need to get on that ...trust me you will not be disappointed and then you can join me in enjoying today's recipe...

Sweet Cheeseburger Tortilla Wraps ...I first saw this idea on Semi-Homemade Mom and although her recipe looks delicious, being me I decided to take it my own route and make it into something I know us Bears would truly enjoy.

For today's recipe you will need the following:

12 Mini Tortillas - Homemade or store bought will work. 
1 Pound of Hamburger Meat
BBQ Sauce
1 Fried Onion
8 Fried Mushrooms
Grated Cheese
Green Onions

Start by browning your meat either in your microwave or on the stove top. While your meat is browning you can grate your cheese, dice your onion, chop your green onion and slice your mushrooms.

Both the mushrooms and onions go will into another frying pan to caramelize separately. I usually place the onions in one half of the pan and the mushrooms in another half of the pan so that I can save time on cooking them.

Once your meat had browned and you have drained all the grease out of the pan, you will need to chop the pieces up finely with your spoon and to that add the caramelized onions, mixing well.

If you have been following this blog for any amount of time now you will know that I am a lover of adding ingredients to taste. I know I really should be paying more attention to the amounts as I add them but I really do just pour, sprinkle and squirt them out...taste...repeat if needed and that's it. So having said that... both the BBQ sauce and Ketchup are added in to taste.

With your meat cooked and mixed...your veggies chopped, cheese grated it is now time to build your Tortilla...

Lay down a layer of meat in the middle of your tortilla. Top it with your mushrooms, cheese and green onions.

Fold your tortilla sides in over the meat and itself...and place on the grill if you have one or in a frying pan to melt the cheese.

ENJOY the simple goodness!

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Now Go Be Brave...and have a go at  Homemade Heavenly Sweet Tortilla Cheeseburgers Wraps.


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